When a person experiences an unexpected heavy loss of hair, it can be distressing.  Hair loss is different than hair shedding.  Generally, people shed from 50 to 100 single hairs per day. Hair shedding is part of a natural balance—some hairs fall out while others grow in.

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Factors such as stress, thyroid issues or weight loss can all affect. Moreover, women at the menopausal stage can experience hormonal imbalance which may cause hair loss. When the balance is interrupted— in the case of ‘Estrogen Dominance’ when there is either too much estrogen in the body, or not enough progesterone, or both—hair loss happens (hair falls out and less hair grows in). Around 40% of women will experience some degree of hair loss by their 40’s, making hair loss just as much of a female problem as a male one.

When experiencing hair loss, a nutritious diet can be a great help. The foods we eat affect how hair grows and its quality. Hair follicles are constantly creating new hairs from nutrients in the body.  However, when nutrients are lacking, hairs become weak and few are growing back after shedding.


‘Spirulina-the superfood for HEALTHY HAIR’

Finally, as a result of research, it was found out that Spirulina algae, ‘a superfood’, can provide amazing nourishment to the body and HAIR. It’s a source of protein and vitamins without notable side effects.

According to Paula Simpson, a holistic nutritionist and biochemist, “With 70% protein, fatty acids and iron, spirulina offers a synergy of nutrients needed to promote hair growth.” And one of the best ways to reap the benefits of spirulina’s hair growth capabilities is by ingesting supplements formulated with the blue-green algae.

At present, many international manufacturers of cosmetics have been using Spirulina to promote and improve the treatment of thinning hair, prevent baldness, accelerate hair growth and maintain hair quality and appearance.

The following are the benefits of Spirulina on hair health:

  • Spirulina is an excellent source of nutrients for the care and beauty of hair. It protects hair follicles, and tones and strengthens hair.
  • Spirulina is the most suitable supplement for those greasy hairs. It also makes hair shinier.
  • As very rich in iron and B vitamins, Spirulina helps to nourish the hair in depth, thus a real cure for dull and brittle hair.
  • It is also rich in Vitamin A, pure nourishment for the hair helps to limit the effects of aging while its deficiency causes dandruff and dryness.


A Quality Spirulina with its wealth of good and unique health properties is a natural and high-quality solution for hair care. It deeply nourishes the hair and strengthening its roots.  It represents very valid support to prevent hair loss because of the variety of vitamins present. In the Philippines, a high-quality product known as RED GOGREEN SPIRULINA has been popularly used as it is 100 % safe, natural and effective. If you would like to experience how GOGREEN SPIRULINA can help you, click on the image: SPIRULINA, King of Superfoods.



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