Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world. As the chicken is easy and low cost to raise in comparison to animals such as cattle or hogs, it becomes more widely consumed than any other meat. You must watch f1 live stream. Their meat has been variously adapted and customary throughout the cuisine of cultures around the world.

Chicken is also health-friendly.  The chicken meat is low in fat and cholesterol, low in calories, high in protein and rich in essential vitamins like iron, zinc and vitamin B. Other meats such as those from beef, pork and lamb can raise blood cholesterol and make heart disease worse.

You’ll be astounded to see so many best places for Fried Chicken in many countries. Like in the Philippines, you may try to experience Mang Inasal, Bonchon Chicken, Bacolod Chicken Inasal and many more. As there is a tall demand for chicken meat supply, many are inclined to do chicken farming business yet an effective massive production can be a tough challenge.



In Misamis Occidental at Northern Mindanao Philippines, the Hoyohoy Organic Farm (owned by former Governor Loreto Leo Ocampos) and its native organic chicken contract growers had experienced disturbing mortality rates on their chickens. Reasons for chickens’ loss are related to intestinal and respiratory problems, heatstroke and new castle disease (NCD).

Due to this incident, the Hoyohoy Organic Farm and several of its contract growers adopted an effective technology by the use of RED Grand HumiVet to chicken feeds. Through the technology, the chickens in the farm have improved their overall health thus reducing the mortality rate. The Hoyohoy Organic Farm is now adopting the technology as part of the protocol on chicken feeding.

Below are GREAT EXPERIENCES of the Hoyohoy Chicken Farms thru the use of RED GRAND HUMIVET (RED GHV).


  • RED GHV improves the intestinal linings of chicken. The healthier the intestines the more absorption of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients thus increasing the biomass of the chickens. Moreover, with this enhanced absorption, the feed conversion ratio is also improved, hence, it reduces the cost of feeds.
  • The variation of temperature brought by changes in the weather conditions may cause health problems in chickens. RED GHV helps boost its immune system and regulate its body temperature thereby preventing the incidence of cold stress to chickens in the highlands and heatstroke in the low lands.
  • RED GHV improves the total or overall health of the chicken. By absorbing good nutrition coursed through the intestine, it also improves the immune system of the chickens against common diseases like the new castle disease (NCD) and others. It reduces the mortality rate on the farm.
  • RED GHV helps in the promotion of a pro-biotic environment in the chickens. It increases the bio-activity inside the body of the chickens. It encourages good microbes or bacteria to fight against the bad bacteria that cause diseases.


RED GHV is truly one of the promising products of Rising Era Dynasty Inc. It is widely known to improve the health of domesticated animals. It has also been used in the massive production of prawns, milk-fish, etc.

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