It is a serious matter that many countries are facing a great deal of garbage or used materials every day which come from homes, schools, restaurants, public places, markets, offices, oil refineries, power plants, construction works, pharmaceuticals, etc. Increasing urbanization and population growth rate are considerably accountable for the increased uncontrolled buildups of all sorts of waste materials.

In countries with tropical settlement,’ landfilling’ is the most widely used method for waste disposal. Some landfills are well managed and designed as part of integrated waste management.

A landfill is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial. Historically, landfills have been the most common method of organized waste disposal. Unfortunately, many communities leave the landfills unattended that causes soil, water and air pollution affecting people’s health and survival.

Landfills shall be well-managed and ensured compliance with environmental preservation requirements. Non-biodegradable solid waste materials may heap in the landfills where they stay for years. Other waste products such as agricultural remnants and those generated from oil refineries, power plants, construction works, and pharmaceuticals are highly toxic. Once in the landfills, these waste products can contaminate and cause pollution to soil, air and water resources. To lessen the impact, construction of modern and well-engineered landfills and disposal facilities is vital.

Building effective landfills can be expensive, yet, there is an economical approach that others apply. To illustrate, as composting and landfilling have the same principle, many businesses and institutions opt to do composting to save money or cut back on landfill fees. At many farms in the Philippines, composting has been done to accelerate the decomposition of waste materials. In several farms in Northern Mindanao, much effective composting has been done thru the use of RED GRAND HUMUS PLUS. In particular, a highly respected politician, former Governor Loreto Ocampos is greatly patronizing the product and he adopted this technology to his own farm (Hoyohoy Highland Organic Farm). As the technology is really doing great, Governor Ocampos has also been encouraging the use of RED Grand Humus Plus to landfills. Same technology when applying to landfills can achieve a great outcome.

o Humus provides an environment for the bacteria to grow and multiply. In landfill, bacteria or bio-activity is the central element. Bacteria help on the decomposition in landfill. The more bio-activity, the faster is the decomposition of the biodegradable waste matter. Therefore, the sooner the wastes are decomposed the more efficient is the landfill.


o Humus prevents the development of alkalinity and acidity in the landfill. An acidic environment reduced the bacteria growth and activities. It regulates the PH value of the soil. Because of this regulation, bacteria growth and activities are enhanced thereby accelerating the decomposition of the waste matter.

o The decomposed wastes or matter is a good source of organic fertilizer. Farmers around the landfill can directly benefit from the abundance of this organic fertilizer. It can also be used as an alternative livelihood.

o Humus improves the structure of the soil and increases the buffering powder of the soil. The wastes become soil after decomposition. This kind of soil prevents contaminants, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals found in the landfill from leaking into the underground.

o Another important role of humus in the landfill is the reduction of nitrate leaking into the groundwater, thus prevents and protects the underground water from contamination.

o The process of decomposition produces more humic acid, therefore increasing or boosting further the bio-activities or bacteria growth. This further improves the structure of the soil.

It is pleasing to know that we can rely on RED GRAND HUMUS PLUS for several concerns whether it’s agriculture or landfilling. RED GRAND HUMUS PLUS is an incredible technology that can provide the value we need.

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