It is so exciting to bring organic farming to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Roxas City. We flew all the way from General Santos to Ilo-ilo City, the beautiful City of smiles then proceeded to Pontevedra, Capiz where we are met by our host Mr. Mayo. Without our knowledge, he is the biggest trader of King crabs in the region where all the other traders sell theirs for shipment to Metro Manila. Have fun with stream f1 free live. We had a worthwhile stay there especially when we are served with sumptuous dinner of seafood array!


The day after our arrival was a meeting and a business presentation to major farm owners in the region. We met different people, from different areas, all are casual and simple without knowing that each own not less than 200 hectares of fishponds. Mr. Mayo got his 700 hectares from various areas. I was amazed to know. These people are humble and friendly. Some own a Bangus Production, Tiger Prawn Production, King Crab production among others. We presented the Organic Farming through the use of a Sodium Humic Acid 76% as a major component. Everyone who attended the presentation gave an intention of using the product especially after the testimony of Mr. Mayo himself that the material worked for his swine production, bangus, crab and tiger prawns. Thanks for the noble intent of this man, it never gave us difficulties in convincing all the other farmers because they have tested it and proven it with the results.
Then we proceeded to visit one of the farm area in Roxas City where we saw the area applied with the Grand Humivet. There we saw the conventional practices of the farmers in using synthetic materials as fertilizers to the earthen ponds and a combination of tons of chicken dung to enhance the production of green algae as food for the fishes and crabs during the entire growing stages. The pocedures they used are somewhat complicated and tedious in the part of the workers and farmers. They drain the pond for seven days, applied with the synthetic fertilizers for another seven days, lined the pond bed with the organic chicken dung in tons for another seven days before they could fill the ponds with water. This would be best only if it will not rain because the procedure shall not be completed if the area is not totally drained. After this, growth of the green algae is observed that would serve as a food for the stocks being raised.
Most of the time, this practice fails. They have a 5 hectare-pond that’s never been productive of green algae to an unknown reason. In the area of Mr. Mayo, it has never been a problem since he started using the Grand Humivet mixed with Grand Humus Plus. Green Algae is sufficient enough to provide food for the production. In fact, they transplant these green algae to other ponds just to facilitate widespread growth. Thanks to the Grand Humivet and the Grand Humus Plus that contributed a lot in the success of their production. Since then, they stopped using the synthetic fertilizers which actually is detrimental to the health of the consuming public.
We identified an area that has experienced difficulties in growing green algae. For many years, this has never been productive for an unknown reason. They tried to transplant algae but still it never succeeded. We suspected for a high water acidity in that area. So we tried our solution. At first, we are afraid to try because the area is not drained. There was a knee-high water level but we risked to trying. We dissolved five (5) packs of Grand Humivet in water, filled it to a canoe where it was used to distribute the formulation to the entire area. The purpose of such is to eliminate acidity of the water